Facebook's new Rooms app is all about anonymous chatter


Facebook has aimed to become the center of all internet conversations and its latest ploy to accomplish this goal is a new app called Rooms. The Rooms app aspires to recreate the chat rooms and forum discussion boards of internet yore in which a community of like-minded users could talk about subjects through the anonymity of the web. Rooms not only allows users to take on a pseudonym, it also doesn’t require users to log in with their Facebook account or even an email address. Once in the app, users can create discussion rooms dedicated to any topic, whether it’s.... Read full article

Week in Tech: Week in Tech: It's back to the future with hoverboards, Nintendo and Nokia


In a week of news about Nintendo, Nokia, Galaxy Notes and Google’s, ahem, iNbox, it’s clear that everything important starts with an N. But first of all, let’s take a look at the new (there’s another one) iPads. New iPads and Apple numbers Our mobile device expert Gareth Beavis doesn’t give out stars to just anyone: five-star ratings from him are as rare as good songs featuring Pitbull. But he’s had to reach into his special star stash this week, because the iPad Air 2 is upon is – and it’s brilliant. “Apple has taken the perfect tablet and somehow.... Read full article

LG takes on Samsung with its own custom processor, sticks it in the LG G3 Screen


LG has launched a new eight-core, LTE-A Cat 6 application processor, dubbed Nuclun (pronounced Noo-klun), which the firm claims will give it greater smartphone flexibility in the future. Based on Arm’s big.LITTLE technology, Nuclun can seamlessly switch between its four 1.5GHz A15 cores and four 1.2GHz A7 cores, depending on how much power is required. The first smartphone to house the Nuclun chip has also been announced, but the LG G3 Screen is only available in Korea. Misleading With “Screen” in the name you’d be forgiven for thinking that the G3 Screen inherits the QHD resolution display from the flagship.... Read full article

Samsung Galaxy S5 will get Android Lollipop in December


Android 5.0 Lollipop will hit the Samsung Galaxy S5 this December. Sources speaking to Sam Mobile have confirmed as much, but the update could take up to a month to roll out to devices across all regions. Hopefully we’ll have it in time for Christmas though. Networks can delay rollouts further, as they do their own checks on the new software, so there’s always a chance it’s not released for your phone until early 2015. Android Lollipop was revealed earlier in the year but only got its official name this month. It’ll bring a new, flatter design, as well as.... Read full article

Sprint's 'iPhone for Life' program offers yearly iPhone upgrades


Apple so far has a pretty great track record when it comes to phones, but will the iPhone always be at the top of its class? With its new “iPhone for Life” program, announced in September alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, US carrier Sprint is hoping it will. The plans announced last month let users make monthly payments and get a new iPhone every two years, but Sprint has just announced an updated version that lets you upgrade every 12 months instead. Subscribers will pay anywhere from $30 to $45 (depending which version of the iPhone 6.... Read full article

Some Samsung Ativ S handsets are being updated to Windows Phone 8.1


It seems crazy now for anything other than a budget handset to release without 4G LTE, but back in 2012 the lack of 4G on most models of the Samsung Ativ S was only a minor point against it. Now the Ativ S has the same problems any other aging smartphone does, including outdated software – but that’s about to change, at least in certain regions. The Ativ S was a relatively early Windows Phone 8 device, and soon some versions of it will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1. Wait and see Rumors that the Ativ S would be.... Read full article