Fact Or Fiction: The Pros And Cons Of Militarizing The Police


The ongoing clashes between residents of Ferguson, MO and heavily armed police forces – which are equipped with M16 rifles and armored vehicles – have drawn attention to the increasing militarization of police in the United States. Here are the ‘alternative‘ cases for and against outfitting local law enforcement with military-grade weapons… PROS Same tactics used successfully in Afghanistan, Iraq Modern law enforcement simply cannot do their job properly by relying on handguns, tasers, and tear gas alone A real shot in arm for nation’s ailing weapons industry Look on driver’s face when tank pulls up beside Mini Cooper always.... Read full article

Stocks Up, Dollar Up, Bond Yields Up, Commodities Down As AAPL Hits $100.00


Weaker than expected inflation and better than expected housing data sparked a dump in commodities, surge in the USDollar and US stocks. US Treasuries were unsure at first but once the US cash session opened, bonds were sold hard. The trends of the morning though have now slowed and are reversing modestly as Europe closes… and AAPL tops $100…   Commodities sliding…   Stocks jumping but stalling post EU close…   Treasuries were unsure at first but started tro dump when US equity markerts opened… only to stall when Europe closed…   All about the Jackson Hole trade? Let Goldman.... Read full article

Confused How To Trade Jackson Hole? Goldman Explains


Because when in doubt, just listen to Goldman and do the opposite. With opinions mixed as to whether or not Jackson Hole will be the forum for Yellen to say something new, many are trying to figure out if it is a buy the rumor and then buy more after the fact event, a buy the rumor sell the fact event, or a do nothing with the rumors and then buy the fact if the USD is actually rallying after the fact event. And now you.... Read full article

Occupation Forces


Submitted by Jeff Thomas via Doug Casey’s International Man blog, When I was growing up in Berlin, after the war (World War II), we lived in the American sector and the American soldiers were everywhere—on the streets, in the cafes. No one wanted them there, but whenever we made disparaging remarks, our own authorities tell us we must not do this. They tell us the Americans can do what they like and we just have to accept it. So, we stop using the words, “Yankee” and “American.” They are the occupying forces, just like the Romans were at one time,.... Read full article

SEC (Finally) Begins Investigation Into CYNK's 36,000% Rise (And Fall)


Over six weeks ago we were the first to bring the investing world’s (and SEC’s) attention to CYNK technologies – a revenueless, assetless ‘social network’ shell that rapidly exploded in price and market cap soared to $6 billion. Since then it has come crashing back to ‘sanity’ levels – i.e. worthless – and now, as WSJ reports, The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating. Their initial findings show a number of ‘repeat offenders’ linked to several stocks that suffered suspicious trading – just as we noted here…   As WSJ reports, Even in the boom-and-bust universe of penny stocks, Cynk.... Read full article

A Brief History Of US Money


Submitted by Chris Martenson via Peak Prosperity, Looking at the past 100 years of the US dollar’s history, one theme becomes abundantly clear: in times of crisis, the US government has no issue with changing its own rules or breaking its own laws. And those “temporary” emergency measures have a nasty habit of quickly becoming permanent. Among the more notable milestones of the past century, the Federal Reserve was created (and soon after took possession of most of the nation’s gold reserves), the Bretton Woods agreement made the US dollar the world’s reserve currency granting it extraordinary advantage (which America.... Read full article