Blackberry is paying iPhone users to switch to the Passport

BlackBerry wants people to switch from the iPhone 6 and other Apple handsets to the Blackberry Passport, and it’s now offering a cash incentive to do so. The smartphone maker will give up to $550 to anyone in the US or Canada who trades in their iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S or 6 for the new BlackBerry Passport handset. This “Trade-Up” program will run for a limited time only from December 1 to February 13, 2015, but it’s currently only for North American customers. To find out how much your iPhone will get you, Blackberry has created a Trade Up.... Read full article

Developer leaks Samsung Galaxy S5's Android Lollipop software

First Google’s Nexus devices, then the LG G3 – and is the Samsung Galaxy S5 the next handset that will be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop? We can’t answer that, but we can tell you this: a developer on the XDA forums has leaked a version of Lollipop for the Galaxy S5 that adventurous users can install right now. This isn’t recommended, but for an unfinished version of the Galaxy S5′s Lollipop to be released may indicate that the official version is about to arrive. Just can’t wait The developer warns that the software is for the Sprint version of.... Read full article

OnePlus is opening a bricks-and-mortar shop to sell the One

The inexpensive but impressive OnePlus One has been notoriously difficult to get, but that might soon change – at least in China. It’s there that the startup is opening a single brick-and-mortar retail location, the OnePlus Store. The Beijing shop will open on December 20, just in time for you to grab one and hop on a flight back to wherever you hang your stockings for the holidays. Stuff it The OnePlus one has been available by invitation and in limited wider sales, but currently there’s nowhere you can just click a button – or walk into a store –.... Read full article

Apple's iPhone 5C may turn out to have been a short-lived experiment

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s most affordable, colorful and adorable iPhone, but it’s reportedly going to be discontinued by the middle of 2015. Apple’s suppliers will cease production on the iPhone 5C next year, possibly after some final promotions on the company’s part, reports Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times. The iPhone 5C is currently available only in a tiny 8GB size, and it’s notably lacking the TouchID sensor present on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and even the older iPhone 5S. TouchID is critical to the company’s Apple Pay plans, which may be why the iPhone 5C has.... Read full article

HTC Desire 620 looks to be another mediocre mid-ranger

It was only a few months ago that the middling HTC Desire 610 appeared, but we might already be eyeing its successor as images purportedly showing the HTC Desire 620 have emerged. The source of the leak, nixanbal, has since removed its post, but this is the internet, so of course the photos were shared and the page cached before that could happen. While none of the leaked information can be taken as fact the images do look quite convincing. The design appears similar to other HTC Desire’s, with a removable plastic back and dual front-facing speakers, however there are.... Read full article

Apple may put a sapphire display on the iPhone 6S

Apple isn’t giving up on sapphire screens for future iPhones, iPads or watches following the bankruptcy of supplier GT Technologies. Instead, Cupertino appears to have enlisted the services of Foxconn, which is reported to be building a new factory in China soley for the production of sapphire displays that are tipped to be heading for the iPhone 6S. A report appearing in the China Economic Weekly states the $2.6bn factory will be set up on a 133-hectare plot of land next to Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant. The company has already signed an agreement with the Zengzhou city government in China’s.... Read full article