Google Makes Stories Feature, Will Compete with Instagram

301 – The first time it appeared on Snapchat, story content with short duration vertical photo or video format became very popular after being traced by Instagram, along with Facebook and WhatsApp in one group.

Google also doesn’t seem to want to miss. The internet giant plans to start presenting story content through Google Search and image search for Google Images.

These stories will later be created automatically with artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI) which collects information about a theme from the internet.

For example, when a user searches for a celebrity, then the top of the search results will display visual stories containing interesting facts about the celebrity.

“This format (stories) allows you to directly visit related articles for more information, while providing new ways to find content on the web,” wrote Google Images Director of Engineering Cathy Edwards in a post containing announcements on Google blogs.

For the first time, Google will present stories about famous figures such as celebrities and athletes, before being developed covering other categories. Google plans to share story content in the “Discover” feed section, which is planned to be the default Google Search page.

Thus, Google Search will also be similar to social media. Moreover, in addition to Stories, Google also applies other new features to search engines, including featured videos and captions and recommendations in image search.

Google’s entry into story making further confirmed the position of this format as a popular sharing medium on the internet. On Instagram alone, stories are used by 400 million people every day. Then, WhatsApp Status has 450 million daily active users.

Google style stories are still not rolled out to the search engine. Discover is scheduled to come first in the next few weeks, then later followed by stories. In addition to new ways of AI automation, this story content format was previously made by a number of publishers in AMP Stories format. Various stories from the publishers will also be displayed more frequently on Google search pages.


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